“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” ~Buddha

If you are struggling with an addiction of any kind, please seek professional help and do not hide away. Speak to those you love, trust, and respect. They will help you to find your way.

Here are a few other ideas that can help you when you are struggling:

1. The problem is a symptom of something else.

When you find yourself doing things you normally wouldn’t do, there is likely an underlying problem that you need to deal with. You must be prepared to acknowledge and deal with this underlying issue in order to get your life back on track.

2. You are never alone.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. You must remember that there are many others out there who have been through what you are currently facing.

3. You can overcome.

Remind yourself that we all have challenges, and if you don’t give up you can overcome them and be a better, stronger person as a result.

4. People genuinely care about you.

Sometimes people will appear to be judgmental, but most are genuinely concerned about you and want to see you do well. Having those you love and trust around will help you heal faster.

5. You are good enough.

When you’re struggling, it’s easy to believe that you are not worthy. Your self-esteem and confidence will be tested more than any other time in your life. You need to believe in yourself and know that this struggle does not define you.

6. You are going to make mistakes.

No one is perfect, and that includes you. You will continue to make mistakes, but you are not your mistakes. Focus on the lesson and how you can apply this wisdom going forward.

7. No time is ever the perfect time.

You will not be able to make changes in your life if you do not make time. You have to make it the right time by taking the first step.

8. It never helps to shift blame.

It always seems to make us feel better if we blame others for our problems. Unfortunately, it is up to you and me to make our lives the way we want them to be. Your life is yours to live, and you are responsible for your happiness and success.

9. You must believe you can.

Once you have decided that you can, there are no forces in this world that can stop you. Every one of us has it within us to be happy, but few of us realize that it is up to us to make it happen.

10. You are stronger than you think.

We can never know our true strength until we allow ourselves to be tested. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Think about where you are now and some of the things you have overcome. It took lot of strength for you to get where you are.

We all have obstacles in our lives and we’ll have them as long as we live. Do not allow addiction, illness, disappointment, mistakes, or failures to prevent you from living your best life.

Debs Brookes Roots of Life
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