Animals have been our friends and companions since the beginning of time. They provide us with food, clothing, protection, companionship and love, to name just a few of the services given to us without any conditions attached. We have not always re-paid their assistance with kindness and many of the species are now leaving the planet.

Reiki gives us a wonderful opportunity to open the doors for humanity to feel and share its compassion for the animal kingdom. ‘Just for today I will be kind to my neighbour and every living being’ says one of the Reiki Principles.

This full weekend workshop is geared towards exploring practical ways in which Reiki can be used in the healing of animals and the planet. All students will receive a Certificate in level 1 animal reiki

The human-animal relationship
Hieratic and holistic models of the world
The human energy field
The influence of animals on our aura
How animals teach us spirituality
The animals’ energy field
Attunement to 2 symbols
Energy Medicine
Forms of energy healing
Giving a dog a Reiki treatment
Hands-on treatment
Practical work on various animals

Debs Brookes Roots of Life
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