Psychic Development and Awareness

Interested in the “mysterious” abilities of psychics?
I am delighted to offer this course online. We are all born psychic, but our parents, and society in general, have dissuaded us from using it. Learn to use your intuition, or sixth sense, tune in to what is going on around you, and around others? Develop a sense of knowing, and access the natural power of your mind? Course runs for six weeks, no previous experience necessary. Places are limited.On Monday 13 July 2020 at 7:00pm for six weeks
Some feedback from the current course!
Really enjoying and learning from Ric Caunce’s Psychic Development Course,
Such a brilliant group of people on the course.
Would highly recommend it!!!
Thanks Ric, wonderful stuff 👍🙏
Thank you Ric for another great session. I am really enjoying them. 🙏🌟
I love your course and I am so glad I was guided to it.
Thank you 🙏🥰


Jul 13 2020


Each Monday for six weeks, from 13th July.
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Six week course £75

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