April 9, 2020

Learn How to Create that Lifestyle You’ve been Dreaming for: See you on the Inside by Joyce Kyalo

Healthy Lifestyle was a hot topic before Covid 19 took over our lives. It is now a priority. In these swiftly changing and unusual times we need to stay healthy a while adapting to our new circumstances – home working is the new normal. How can we attend to our healthy living in such a context?

Five Ways to Healthy Lifestyle is an evidence-based model for wellbeing developed by the New Economics Foundation as part of their project to build wellbeing into the economy. When the five ways are exercised we are more likely to feel better in ourselves.

Stay Connected

You can’t connect without a suitable work space and tech. Try to find a corner at home to work and keep your stuff. This will lend itself to a feeling of “going to work”. A sensible worktop and screen arrangement are essential. At the very least you need a proper chair.

Physical isolation doesn’t mean social distance. Keep in touch with family, colleagues, friends regularly, text, DM, make every effort to attend online meetings. My business partners set up group to stay connected and socialised plus we host Zoom meetings. All my family use Facetime to keep in touch and Skype for relatives from abroad.

Stay Active

Leave the house every day and get some fresh air – the garden counts. This will also encourage you to get dressed (it really does help).

Have regular breaks, get up and move. It’s too easy to get lost in your screen. Maybe set your alarm and move every 20 minutes, pomodoro-style, or find a buddy and prompt each other to shift. Arrange an online break or commit to sending each other photographic evidence of your movement. Hanging out the washing counts.

Stay Work Focused

Be in control of your work and keep trek of it. Taking control of your working practice, be that organising your schedule or spotting something that can be improved and improving it, will cheer you up. Now is the time to innovate, find new ways of doing things and take back control. Anyone, who lost their jobs there is plenty online opportunities available. Do your research First!

Keep Learning

Well, we are all learning fast right now: immersing ourselves in the tech; embracing new ways of connecting; reconfiguring quality process and reshaping assessment. It’s challenging and rewarding in equal measure and will continue to be so as things just keep on changing.
I am personally learned a lot to shift myself to online world as I was looking for better future for my family and securing my retirement. I am grateful I jump into digital marketing industry four months ago to upskill mysell and provide financial security for my family.


This is where we warm our hearts. The past few weeks has seen an unprecedented display of generosity across whole country. People showing great support for NHS and other sectors key workers and this is just brilliant.

There’s nothing we can do about all the variables at play that impact mental health, but by exercising the Five Ways to Healthy Lifestyle in when working at home we are doing all we can to keep ourselves and our family, friends, business partners and work to the best of our ability.

At this difficult times I provide help to anyone, who is willing to learn digital marketing and shift to online world. Our team of business partners host Complimentary Live info session twice a week to learn more about digital world. Please book your seat at www.joycekyalo.org or for more info at info@joycekyalo.org

Stay safe…and wash your hands

Written by: Joyce Kyalo www.joycekyalo.org/



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