Roots of Life Virtual Event Exhibitors  -  Sunday 26th July

Jennifer Bowns (Angel Therapy)

‘Angel Therapy’
Creates a beautiful loving connection with the angels to help provide you with a positive, uplifting perspective on all aspects of your life.
Every healing session provided by Jennifer is unique to her clients’ needs.
She changed her career from Midwifery to follow her soul path and became an Angelic Usui reiki Master/ Angelic Card reader.
Her motto is “How may I serve?”

T.  07583046708


Michelle Maidment  (Live Naturally)

Michelle is passionate about educating people on the benefits of using essential oils to support their health and wellbeing, and to reduce their toxic load. Using essential oils as natural and proactive healthcare solutions is a lot simpler and cost effective than you might think, and she would love to help you to find ways Live Naturally.

M.   07852410491

Amanda Green (Amanda Green Coaching)

I help people understand their emotions, thoughts, behaviour and habits in order to make transformational levels of change from the inside out and increase self-worth. By releasing outdated patterns, low frequency emotions, anxiety, limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments (such as emotional eating), we can reclaim our personal power. 


T. 07789911174

Therese Guy (Lizzy Dripping Glass)

I started working with fused and recycled glass just a few years ago and in 2020 was lucky enough to have a studio built at home. I love creating something new and useful from old bottles or old window glass and enjoy mixing colours, textures and ideas to create something very unique from new glass. By far one of the most privileged things I do with glass is putting the cremains of loved ones or loved pets into glass.

I’m based in Thornton-Cleveleys and love going for bike rides with my husband along the promenade.

T.   07977011526

Jan Haghverdi - (Jan's mind Body Therapies)

I am a Mind body energy therapist healer, Mental health recovery CPD skills trainer and wellbeing consultant.
I have worked in the mental health, NHS and education fields for over 30 years specialising in trauma, domestic and childhood abuse, student welfare, and the addictions fields. I integrate psycho education learning, counselling and body based therapies such as acupressure, energy medicine, EFT, IEMT Bi aura energy healing and mindfulness into my practice applying principles of energy psychology for working with whole mind body spiritual energies to facilitate whole system healing.



T.     07581140696

Handmade by Sue

I have created my Facebook page to promote my craft business. I am making lavender eye pillows, meditation cushions filled with buckwheat hulls, Yoga mat bags, various pillows and tote bags. I am local to Morecambe Bay and all my products use up cycled materials. Please check me out 

M .  07533224786

Jude Seaward - Fusion Therapy

Highly experienced Life/spiritual coach who believes in supporting people to be the best version of themselves. Our mood and emotions are often impacted on by our past experiences yet we don't realise the power of the subconscious mind. By working with a coach you will be able to not only explore the blocks but also gain hidden insight in to what has impacted upon us, how we think and why create reoccurring situations. I work intuitively with people and have a plethora of different approaches that can be tailored to help anyone. I provide a very person centred approach and Im an expert in anxiety led conditions such as autism.


T.     07407768790

Ana Bianchi - (AB Complementary Therapies) 

Ana Bianchi is an energy intuitive and an experienced holistic therapist & well-being Coach. She uses different tools and knowledge acquired in many trainings and seminars, blended with her intuition and techniques expertise acquired in the practice of different therapy modalities, to best assist you.
Ana established AB Complimentary Therapies in 2006, aiming to empower individuals and the community by increasing the awareness of their own health. Helping them to improve their quality of life through the skills learned and the benefits received from the therapy sessions, such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Massages, The Perrin Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Reconnective Healing®️ & Spiritual Coaching, amongst other modalities.


FB:   AB Complementary Therapies (@abctherapiesuk)

T.      07970547682

Ric Caunce - Spiritual Coach

Ric has been on the Spiritual path for 20 years, and ran a successful horticultural business for 30 years. He works professionally as a Medium, Healer, Meditation facilitator, Spiritual Coach, and Heal your Life Teacher. It was Louise Hay`s philosophy that enabled a recovery from thirty years of alcohol abuse, and he now uses his life experience to inspire others to live a full life!


T.      07971332477

Wellbeing Advisor Sirka Moore

Offering advice and demonstration on the Natural and Organic Cosmetics range from Weleda either through 1:1, 1:more consultations or Wellbeing Events with groups helping people to better understand their skin, skin's rhythms and the 3-fold nature of the skin in relation to the human being as well as introducing them lead plant gestures and qualities and aroma-therapeutic attributes.

T.  07825600713


Diane Wright Reflexology

After qualifying at the Scottish school in 2004 I continued my Reflexology journey. Extra study included pregnancy and fertility, diabetic & cancer patients. However as a lupus warrior! I love working with auto immune disorders. I've been extremely lucky travelling all over the world meeting clients and in 2018 studied Ayuverda in India. My treatments can be in person or on line. Full details on my Web page


T.   07923223180

Augusta Jane Kaufmann - Sisters in Rhyme

Sisters Rising in Rhyme is run by Augusta Jane Kaufmann a female empowerment coach. She helps women to learn to love themselves by getting to know themselves. Through connecting with your primal brain and procedural memories she will help you to understand your own belief systems and behaviour patterns and teach you to live cyclically in tune with your own intuition and the lunar cycle. She also runs group classes for women around taboo topics such as the menstrual cycle, sisterhood and female sexuality. Finally, she is a published poet, her debut collection, Womb Wisdom was shortlisted in the most self-empowering category by Soul & Spirit Magazine.
T. 07931336802

Carol Ann's Head to Toe

I do Emmett which is light touch that can be done through the clothes. The lymphatic drainage is a very relaxing treatment. The Dorn Method is worked down your spine, no cracking very gentle but very effective . MSTR scar tissue release, gentle finger tip/ planter fasciitis. Warm wax for hands and feet, Foot health care, trim/ file, / callouses,/verrucuas
T. 07715920000

Felicity Booth - Handreadings by Felicity

Felicity has been reading hands for 28 years and delivers in-depth consultations that reveal your physical health and wellness, emotional patterns, creative potentials, personality and temperament, and spiritual struggles. Felicity will show you your unique qualities and patterns of consciousness, an experience that is often profound and deeply moving. This is not fortune telling; this is spiritual map reading!

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