Debs Brookes

Company Founder
Roots of Life, Health and Wellbeing Mind, Body and Spirit Events are brought to you by Debs Brookes from Lancaster.

Previously, Debs worked in the pressured world of Advertising and Marketing. However after having to take time off with work related stress she turned to meditation and complementary therapies to help recover. Debs realised that she wanted to live a gentler and more spiritual life. She set out to explore her own spirituality and discovered a desire to help other people find alternative ways of improving their wellbeing.

She believes that everybody deserves to be healthy and happy, to feel connected and inspired, and to reconnect soulfully with the magic that is all around us.

Along the way she has connected with many wonderful well-being advocates and practitioners and this helped her recover from her stress and restore balance in her life.

Her desire to share everything she discovered, and to support the work of the people who helped her and others like them led to her hosting her first Roots of Life event in 2017

She now hosts Roots of Life Events every few months, and in 2019 has introduced Branches of Life mini Health and Wellbeing Days. In addition, she is producing a Health and Wellbeing publication which will be available online, and in a printed version which will be distributed across Lancashire and Cumbria.

Deb’s son, Kian, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It has been a challenge to get the support needed to help him. Her experience of this has led to a desire for to bring together other parents dealing with similar issues and help them to discover resources are available so that they can help and support their children in the Digital Age in which we live. Her latest venture is a Roots of Life event for Children and Teenagers Health and Wellbeing. Debs is passionate about all aspects of her business. She became a Reiki Practitioner over 20 years ago and recently completed her Level 3 in Complementary Therapies. She cares deeply for the health and wellbeing of her clients and specialises in Reflexology.

She is also an advocate for charity.

ABOUT THE EVENTS … Debs Roots of Life events are stitched together with love and care, to provide the best experience for participants and visitors.

Showcasing a range of small and medium sized businesses with a wealth of wellbeing expertise. Held across Northern Lancashire and South Cumbria every event offers inspiration to those who searching for a better, more holistic way of living.

The events are dedicated to Mind, Body and Soul and visitors can meet a wide selection of people who are passionate about delivering the best products, services and therapies to their customers. Our exhibitors travel far and wide to bring you the best experience possible. The atmosphere is always vibrant, fun, educational, and unique.

Every event includes all of this and more… • Inspiring talks • Live classes • Health and fitness • Mindfulness and Meditation • Coaching and Psychotherapy • Taster Treatments including massage, reflexology • Holistic therapies • Spiritual realms • Clean food and nutrition • Beauty, skincare and natural cosmetics

The events offer you a truly authentic, magical and enlightening experience. Meet like-minded people who can help you transform your life. Discover your spirituality and improve your well-being. It is a time of awakening in the world. Intuition is rising in all of us. Roots of Life are dedicated to expanding your vision and helping you find what you are seeking.

We look forward to seeing you there.
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